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Modelling Tools.

Many say that the modelling industry in Kenya is not yet mature and indeed it is not.

There are various factors that may have led to the stagnation of this industry in the country. Some of these factors may be that all the deals in the industry are being handed to a few chosen modelling agencies or a few chosen models, therefore, leading the rest to miss out on what may have been an exciting new opportunity.

There’s a very useful tool called Model Management, which is mostly being used by the western countries to scout for models and announce job openings for models and in the fashion industry at large.

If you’re an agency owner, this tool allows you to create casting calls for models, post your models profiles and easily scout for opportunities and fresh faces.

If you’re an upcoming model, this tool allows you to upload your photos and personal details for easier discovery by scouts from various modelling agencies.

For the people who have job openings, well, it goes without say that the casting calls will reach a very large number of people and a wide variety of models to choose from will be availed.

If we harness such a technique in Kenya, It will contribute greatly to the growth of the modelling industry and discovery of new talent within the industry.

If no one will be able to develop such a solution to fill in the gap, we could outsource Model Management to help us immensely grow this multi-million shilling industry.

Concept World Auditions


After the recent merger (Concept Images, Concept World Magazine and S&M Modelling Agency), Concept World is looking to recruit runway, commercial and glamour models to it’s new modelling agency.

The auditions will be happening on 14th of January, 2017 in Tassia Estate near Nyayo estate. For directions to the venue of the auditions and further information; call, text or whatsapp +254 786 723479.